International Ministry

*“No policy has proved more successful in making friends for the United States, during the cold war and since, than educating students from abroad at our colleges and universities.”


— Robert M. Gates, former CIA Director, President of Texas A&M University


“He who introduces into public office the principles of primitive Christianity will change the face of the world.”


— Ronald Reagan, then CA governor (1911-2004)


“Europe is ‘committing demographic suicide, systematically depopulating itself,’ according to [U.S. biographer of Pope John Paul II George] Weigel.”


— James P. Gannon, “Is God dead in Europe?” USAToday op ed, posted 1/8/2006 [Link]


“A young man from a wealthy family went to college to major in business management and engineering. He was tall, shy and very respectful of others. He developed a friendship with one of his professors and it completely changed his life. The articulate professor’s lectures and example of discipline, self-denial and devotion to his faith transformed this quiet student. This professor galvanized his life by radically changing his worldview, his direction and his ambitions; he finally found a purpose in life.

The year was 1974. The university was the Jedda Abdul-Aziz University in Saudi Arabia. And the student was Osama bin Laden.”


— Steve Douglass, president of Campus Crusade in a CCCI letter, July 2004