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If you are a Christian with a mindset for God’s coming Kingdom, KingdomServants.com is designed for you. You have a passion for wanting Jesus to come and make all things right, the way God set up life in the Garden of Eden, and they way he promises they will be again. You want to see all the nations reached with the gospel. You want to see the Lord Jesus on his throne. You long to see God’s will be done “on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10).

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  • su
    "I’ve known Pastor Bill for more than 20 years first as a student learning from his class, where he taught many of his books. His knowledge of God’s Word is deep from studying the Bible his whole life. His life, direction, wisdom and advice all come from the Bible. I watched his kids grow up and are followers of Jesus. Now I serve as co-teacher alongside him in a Chinese Bible Study for middle and high schoolers. He has integrity and confidence in our Savior Jesus Christ."
    Su Pang
    Pembroke Pines, FL
  • jason
    "Bill's teaching is unlike anything I've experienced in 20 years of ministry. His ability to take the entirety of the Bible and bring it to life for any age group is incredible! Bill's teaching enables us to see Jesus like never before and have a worldview that can withstand and thrive in our 21st Century secular culture."
    Rev. Jason Speier
    Waynesville, NC
  • christine
    Bill Perry has an exceptional gift teaching the Bible! His interactive teaching style along with his thorough study of each topic will have each person walk away with something they hadn't seen before- while feeling engaged! His discipleship series helps give each student the tools they need to be a light wherever they are. It is written in a way that drives home the point that the spiritual life is not a cake walk but requires intensive no-nonsense training. The lessons lay everything out clearly to strengthen your walk with Christ! Overall, it has been a privilege and an honor to sit under such God honoring teaching.
    Christi Perry
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • steph
    I've been through Story tellers Bible study several times. Everytime I go through it, I learn something new! It's a easy to understand study, but does not lack in rich content. It is by far the best study I have been through. Bill Perry is a very gifted teacher and author. I've also enjoyed his Daily DOs. They have encouraged my faith and given me a daily challenge to live out.
    Stephanie Brock
    Seaford, DE
  • rachel
    We started homeschooling last year and immediately got Bill’s book “A look Inside America” to learn about the holidays. We use it almost every holiday, either reading it out loud as a family or I read it the night before in preparation! It’s a fantastic resource to have. So is his “They’re Not Christian?” book. It clearly explains the differences between the cults and biblical teaching. Now I can pray better for my friends and explain the differences much more easily.
    Rachel Adams
    Columbus, GA
  • testimony12
    Bill Perry is tops in my International Student Ministry resource department. I was a Filipino Pastor and former international student. I found Bill’s resources to be some of the best. They have been so helpful to me through the years. I pass on Bill’s studies to my workers and networks. Bill is always relevant & has insights that others may not have seen.  
    Ed Moncada, ISM Strategist
    Missouri Baptist Convention
  • testimonial-11
    Bill Perry has been for the past 30 years one of our freshest and most productive international student ministry thinkers.  But, he is no armchair theoretician.  With amazing energy and an uncanny ability to recognize effective ministry strategies, he has crafted and produced countless ministry tools that have enlarged the scope and scale of international student ministry. He is a gift to all of us.
    Dr. Bob Osburn, Executive Director
    Wilberforce Academy St. Paul, MN
  • john
    Right after Bill wrote Storytellers (1992), we started using it in our ministry together with a similar study written by Trevor McIlwain. To this day, some 24 years later, we are still using this material and seeing God use it to help international students really know the Bible. I am grateful for the Storyteller's Bible Study.
    Jon Heine The Navigators
    International Student Ministry Tucson, AZ
  • cole
    Bill Perry's work has been a treasure for us as Bill places you along with internationals in the footprints of Christ.  You walk along with Christ in easily understandable and teachable language.  Bill, thank God you answered your call.
    Terry Cole, Executive Director
    HIS (Helping International Students) Kansas State University Manhattan, KS
  • brian
    My father was my Bible teacher growing up. Having now read and studied under other Bible teachers, I see that Dad has an amazing ability to dissect Scripture and create tangible, applicable lessons. He examines passages contextually and teaches clearly and concisely. To this day his instruction encourages me to live my life more for Christ. I am blessed to call him Dad.
    Brian Perry
    Senior Firefighter/Paramedic, Newport News, VA
  • testimonial-7
    For the past 15 years, Bill Perry has been a favorite speaker at our annual Florida Christmas Conference. Not only are his lessons tailored to each audience, but Bill also spends personal time with students with questions beyond the normal Q&A time. In addition, Bill personally signs a copy of one of his books that we give each student. Most important: students consistently rate Bill as one of the best and easiest to understand teachers for his clarity in opening their minds to the Word of God.
    Bob Culver, President
    InterFACE Ministries Atlanta, GA
  • testimonial-6
    Reaching people for Christ in other cultures requires materials and methods that are compatible to their way of thinking and acting. Bill's passion has really been to equip others to help such people discover the "story" of salvation history thought "discovery" Bible study. This is the key to the success of Storyteller's Bible Study.
    Rev. Bob Martin
    Ft. Wayne, IN
  • testimonial-5
    We urgently need books like Storyteller's Bible Study, especially for so many for whom English is their second language. God has used these powerful stories to impact many lives.
    George Verwer, Founder of Operation Mobilisation
    Bromley Kent, England
"One king, all nations"