We provide these links as a starting point of what’s available on the web for general apologetics (defending/explaining your faith), Bible study and/or resource sites for important issues, such as creation/evolution and persecution. Some of them offer their own list of dynamic links. May your searches be fruitful and productive!


Countering Islam
Answers in Action
Creation ministry (Ken Ham)
Broad apologetics  resource
C.S. Lewis Society online
Vast listing of apologetic resources
Access Research Network
Literature resource page
Bible study site
Chr. apologetics research ministry
Parenting and mentoring ministry
 College Prayer
Christian Answers
Broad research resource
Center for Creation Science
Bible study site
Discovery Institute
Christian defense of God’s existence
Christian Research Institute
Articles by Christian philosophers
Forerunner Intl (general apologetics)
Teen apologetics
Evidence for God from science
Search engine
Greek Bible
Academy of Christian Apologists
Ancient biblical documents
Ron Rhodes
Articles on religion & philosophy
Online Bible
Institute of Creation Research
General apologetics
John Ankerberg (gen. apologetics)
Josh McDowell Ministries
Leadership University
William Lane Craig’s virtual office
MCU virtual library
Church of Threshold (see sidebar)
National Center for Life and Liberty
Voice of the Martyrs
Theism & atheism considered
Probe Ministries
Resource Ctr Theological Research
Ravi Zacharias Intl Ministry
Christian Apologetics Journal
Interactive Biblical storytelling
British apologetics site
Stand to Reason
General apologetics
Truthnet (general apologetics)
Watchman Fellowship
Worldview Academy
Persecution news site
Catholic prolife site
Pregnancy/Prolife help site
Christian prolife help site (click on the globe!)
Christian prolife help site (click on the globe!)
Multi-linguistic Christian resources
Resource for Christian thinkers & biblical worldview books
Bible study site
Christian classics of Calvin College
Bible study software downloads
Bible study site
Biblical history site
Online parallel Bible
Topical worldview site
Contemporary worldview issues and articles
Covenental worldview site
Missionary & church planting worldview group
Creation based scientific approach to worldview
Contemporary worldview issues
Prison Fellowship ministry & worldview
Worldview resources
Biblical apologetics (Ron Rhodes)
Global Christian relief organization
Global Christian justice advocacy group